Art to observe. Art to think at. Art to wear and art to live in.

In Isabella Nurigiani works art multiplies its channels of expression and through sculpturing break through our daily life and full filling a lot of meanings every moves, even the one to choose the perfect accessory to enhance our look.

Between big and small, between maxi and mini: everything plays on dialectics between those two opposite poles. This artist creative gift has chosen sculpture to express her vivid imagination. Therefore close to those great dimension works able of sound and movement you can propose jewels rich of pathos and fantastic geometry thanks to the extraordinary original and unedited forms.

Made out of iron, silver and bronze and also excellent lost wax technique they became masterpieces that you can wear such as something that doesn't follow any trends which usually doesn't last for too long. They are in fact out of time, touchable express of an intense emotional movement that guide Isabella Nurigiani hands. This is a result of an happy and free kaos where multiple inspiration meet each other along the same road and once they become one like many side-rivers breaking into the mainstream over edging only then the work is accomplished.

Isabella Nurigiani keeps working on and on her subject matter till she feels that she's able to give an open voice to her emotions. She privileged sculpture in respect of other forms of art like painting just because allows to give real life  to her feelings which by magic materialize in front of her yes taking body and form. In such a way that she can feel and touch within herself. An unrivalled sensation that she achieves in every works: small or big, jewel or statue, because we always talk about sculptures where the only differences are the dimensions.

Therefore each one of her creations is a unique and exclusive piece, in fact she had many recognitions in various important exhibitions and international fairs and high fashion events.

Every work is a journey into the unknown. When she starts a new sculpture she never knows what she's going to get in the end. Like every artist she lives the moment and once she touches the ground after sealing for long time with the fantasy and shaping with her hand she's immediately ready to start again in search of a new own horizon which is always able to give emotions like the first time.

Photo Credits:
Pietro Mari
Ernesto Ruscio
Virginia Sobrino
Sergio Subrizi







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